Friday, April 30, 2010





Saturday, April 17, 2010

Robin Hood having holiday in Malaysia??!!!

Robin Hood, the girl version is now in Perlis...Hunting??!!!
It's Archery Tournament... =P

We had this tournament last Saturday...Though I scored badly, but I am glad to say that I had shoot more than 40 arrows in 4 months....Someone is jealous of me...*Ngek ngek =P

I simply love this picture on the left...I definitely look so 'yeng' with the bow and arrow...Wuhoooo~~~

P/S: Sorry for not replying u guys...I have been busy preparing for my final exam which is around the corner..26th April will be my first paper, the toughest subject (Mechanical Design I)....I'm half dead now...Oh gosh~~~~~I promise I'll resume to my blog next month and that is after 3rd May....Wish me luck, guys =) Thanks for the daily visits too...XOXO

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Final Presentation of This Semester

As I've promised to update about the Mechanical Design I's Presentation and here it is....

This group is doing absorber...

 Our group:
Before presentation

All TANs and 1 WEE...LOL

This guy showed his sexy back throughout his part...Do you all know who is he?Hehe...

Like the movie...向左转,向右转 XD

It's me =)

The Q&A Session

Even the lecturer also scratched head??!!
The only group picture that we have...
For your information, the one standing beside me is my leader...

The last group who did disc brake

Hope all of us are getting good marks for this presentation and a big thanks to my coursemate who helped me to take the pictures when it was our group's turn...We really did have a capable leader to finish drawing this transmission gear successfully =)

My baby boyfriend, Bruce is writing about this too...Do visit his blog =)...

And us, camwhoring =P

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mechanical Design I's Mini Project

Oh well, I've been busy recently with assignments and mini project...At last, they are all finished and now I'm in my study week...I'm gonna have my finals soon~~~~

My Mechanical Design I's presentation was just over, on 7/4/2010...Our group was given a title 'Transmission Gear' and duration only two weeks...Luckily we have a genius group leader to lead us all the way through...Haha...

Closer view...How was it?

Of course our leader managed to drew the gears out perfectly =)

The final drawing...."Geng", right?

About the presentation part will be updated soon so that my post is not too lengthy to be read....Stay tuned, peeps~~~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Guys who take their work seriously


OMG!!! He makes me go crazy for him...Guys who take their work seriously attracts me a lot...Hehe =P


All the above were taken by me when my baby boyfriend, Bruce was doing the entrepreneurship video seriously and me fooling around...Haha XD 
Heart you, baby <3~~

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Everyone will sure wonder what am I writing about, right?
Let me introduce you something delicious for those who like hot and spicy...

Yesterday, right after our archery theory test which I am not sure I can score A or not, my friends brought me to a stall selling Thai food...The name of this food kind of attracts me, so I ordered and waited patiently for this Thaish snack to appear....And here it goes, guys~~~~

This snack is from Thailand, known as Somtam...It's a mixture of bean sprout, long beans, slices of green papayas, chillies, peanuts, small prawn ( but only a piece...too bad ) and lime juice...

 The first few bites was still ok, but when I've finished the whole plate, I felt the heat and spiciness on my lips and tongue....Very spicy, I can tell you...Since I am a spicy food lover, I like it a lot... =)

P/S: Baby, too bad you were not there if you know what I meant *wink wink  =P

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's Kick Off~~

It's April's Fool Day but luckily I did not get fooled...Only my junior wished me...Haha...

I had a terrible night last night...I was spammed =.=''' With foul words somemore...Though he did not reveal his name, I knew it was him...Acting childishly, considering him a man...LOL....But thanks to him, I've gained more visitors... XD I just hope he can stop minding about my business...It's my relationship and since he did not cherish me, so leave me alone....I'm more worth to be owned by my whom will cherish me with all his life...

A big thanks to my dear friends and fellow bloggers for giving me supports...Thanks guys.....I really did feel touched =)

Regarding my mid test 2,  my lecturers just let us know our results today but it's only 2 subjects and I did score A- for both of them which is a relieve thing....Now, it's time to finish mini project and the last assignment then I can concentrate for my final exams....GOD bless me~~~~

P/S: Baby, lots of for you to finish your Japanese assignment ya and also our group's entrepreneurship video <3~~~ Hugs.....