Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reunion Dinner of 2011

I know it's been a while since I last updated my blog =P
I am sorry for being lazy, please forgive me...

Oh ya, I've been learning photoshop bits by bits, I'm really a slow learner...LOL...But I didn't edit any pictures for these pictures below...I'll edit for the next post, hopefully =P

Chinese New Year of 2011 is another celebration but this semester break is really too short...I didn't get to enjoy enough at home and not enough ang pau =.='''

 A new pond in the garden, made by my uncle

Don't look down on these tiny fishes 'cause they cost RM2 each =.='''

8 fishes means "huat" but 1 fish died a moment later due to unknown reason

The reunion dinner part:

Steamboat as usual but we thoroughly enjoyed it =)

The most expensive food of the night, sliced abalone...Yummy =)

None of us was ready for any photos, so only food are taken...We definitely had the fullest meal...

When the clock strikes 12am, "deng deng deng deng"~~~

Blasts of fireworks everywhere and it's my first time using my own camera's fireworks settings to capture pictures of them...The pictures may not be the best but I am satisfied.