Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been obsessed with crystals ever since I saw my mum bought one very few years back...I was almost going to buy myself a crystal bracelet last year but I held back as it was way too expensive...Finally, today I get to lay my hands on you, crystals!!!! 

On 27/4/2011, before the completion of the 6th Semester, we, of course it's me and my boyf have gone for a short trip to Gunung Keriang in Kedah, or famously known as Crystal Mountain  =)

That is the mountain where they excavate the crystals

The broad paddy fields along the way...Ignore our reflection

At the foot of the mountain, there are a few stalls selling crystals but all are Malays...A deserted place so I didn't take any pictures...I dun feel safe buying from the Malays (P/S: I'm not being racist) 'cause they don't sell a large variety also...Instead, we went to the shop as shown below: 

Owned by Chinese but workers are an Indian guy and a Malay girl...

After struggling for an hour plus, we finally managed to buy all these..Hehe =P

 These are my mummy's...
Pink for relationship and increase popularity while the yellow Citrine is for wealth

  Awww~~ Just look at the clear textures inside each bead
These flawless beads cost me RM50 (actual price is RM68)
but the pink one is best buy at RM30
I bought the purple one, Amethyst ( for wisdom, realization of highest potential, recognition and fame in chosen field ) at RM25
The precious Tiger's Eye is a gift from my boyf as 14th month anniversary present...
It symbolizes courage and self-confident and even wealth too...It also protects the wearer from the evil
This is a combination of wisdom, courage and also clear mind (RM15)...I haven't decided whom to give it to =P
These are bought by the boyf for himself...Tiger's Eye and Bloodstone ( for self-confident, health and wealth)
The couple Tiger's Eye
Different shape beads as we prefer them differently 

This shop is definitely worth going again as they provide best service; explain everything patiently and teach us ways of cleaning and recharging the crystals...Now they make me obsessed...

P/S: To my baby,
.Happy 14th month anniversary ya <3~~
Thanks for the pretty bracelet and being my chauffeur for this whole semester...
Most importantly, being there for me all the time...

Monday, April 4, 2011

4th April 2011

There are 2 four in the date of today which marks our 400th day anniversary

The colour version of us

Us in black and white


P/S: I am just a beginner in learning photoshop, sorry for the imperfection...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roti Pita

I am just writing to show off to you...You know who you are...XD After dinner just now, I still don't feel full, so the boyf fetched me to buy this =)

Introducing roti pita~~~
I first ate it in Perlis when I was going to countdown with my ex-housemates at mamak stall...Haha...

Ingredients: Bread, meat (either chicken or sardine fish), slice of onions, cabbage and cucumbers. Toppings are chili sauce and mayonnaise.

Price: RM2.50
          RM3.00 with cheese

P/S: An important message to you who want to try this out..Remember to eat while it's hot else the side of the crust tend to leak and the meat will fall out...