Friday, December 31, 2010

The Runaway Plan

My baby and I have planned to runaway from Perlis...Hehe...

Why and Where??
The details will only be revealed in the next post =)

*giggles...I think this will be the craziest plan I have did so far...

Anyway, an early wish: Happy New Year 2011 =) 
May the best of luck and the best of health be with all of you...

1)Baby, I hope this will be a successful plan ya...I can't wait for it... you~~
2)Mummy and daddy, may you two live life to the longest and I you two...
3)My dearest brother and sister, I hope you two will study well and don't let us down =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anything you can think of when I say toilet and a meal in it?

I guess your first reaction is to puke...Haha XD

 On the way to fetch baby's buddy

Anyway, it is just a restaurant I've been to recently after my final exam...

Located in Queensbay Mall, Penang and Sg.Wang, Kuala Lumpur...

The unique toilet seat...
I can't get used to sitting on it when I just entered the restaurant...LOL

Sink as table
As for the menu, my pictures below says it all =)
Set A:
Set B:

For more information, please visit T-Bowl Concept Restaurant
We have chosen Set B as it is economically cheaper and worthwhile...
 All three of us had milk tea...A little too sweet

Mushroom soup

Tomyam soup...Spicy but oily...

Baby's Tasty Cuisine Seafood Rice

Big fat prawn
My Set Rice with Cheese Baked Chicken...
A very large portion for me and cheese made me feel full...
I didn't manage to finish so it goes to my guy to finish it for me..Haha =P
Thick cheese
FK's Canton Fish Rice
Then, here comes my favourite time: Dessert~~~ =P
No matter how full I am, I'll still finish my dessert and even my baby's...The guys even teased me for this... =.='''
  Here they are...The shitty ice cream =P 
Nothing special actually, just ordinary chocolate ice-cream...
The waitress even prepared pink bowl for me and blue for the guys...How sweet of them =)

I miss you <3~~