Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm melting~~~

Only YOU~~~~~~~

Oh my god, you're making me melt...
How can I resist your temptation again if I have another chance to own you??

I am referring to YOGURT CHEESECAKE!!!

See what I meant?? 

The softness of the cheese and the thick yogurt on top is the best combination in this piece of cake...
I am drooling again...Oh god!!

You make me melt~~~

Actually it was not any special occasion that my guy and I were celebrating last night....He knew that my mood was down and only the food I craved for can cheer me up...
(P/S: Shopping makes me feel better but no shopping centre here)

After dinner, he said he was gonna buy me cheesecake =)  

Yogurt one was the best among I have eaten so far...The first bite has already melted my heart...I was so excited for the next bite =P

My next target will the strawberry marshmallow cheesecake...Hehe...He told me that after final exam has ended, he'll buy me XD

Thanks baby for making my day with my favourite cake...Love you <3~~~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final exams of the 5th semester has just STARTED

OMG!! Exams are here and it just started yesterday since it's 2am plus now...

Arrrghhh!!! How I hate exams....Stress like hell...I can't sleep well and rest enough, I also lost my appetite =.='''

My first paper was Mechanical Design II...When I first flipped through the question paper, the questions seem easy to me BUT as I started the first question and so on, tricky parts appeared...Damn!! Marks will be deducted everywhere, that's what I have expected...

I still have 3 more papers to go before I can enjoy my 2 weeks break...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I'll come to watch you soon~~~~

Anyway, I just finished a very touching movie, "Dear John"...I just sort of donated tears to the movie...LOL...
It's been a long time since I last watched a movie that brought tears...

I am not good at writing movie reviews so I'll leave that part to my baby boy, Bruce...Interested to know the story line, please read his blog...Thanks =)

I found the best quote in the movie:"I'll see you soon, then..." Such a simple sentence yet it fondles my heart...I couldn't really explain it well...Maybe it's something that I will expect my guy to say it to me each time we say goodbye...But I don't want soon, I want the next moment =P  Heard it, Mr?? 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Please hear my prayers

Perlis is flooded...

Never in my life I have seen such serious flood happening before....Though rain has stopped this morning, the water lever still continues to rise due the opening of the dam at Thailand.... 

My bus ticket is on tomorrow night....I want to go home badly....

Please pray hard for me that the bus will move tomorrow night~~~

Please do not flood anymore~~~


Tuesday, November 2, 2010





这学期,让我看透了某人的真面目,也让我知道友谊是可贵的,但只是某些知心朋友。。。我想对他们说:“我珍惜你,朋友 =) ”

大考快要来领了,我会继续努力吗?我想我会吧。。。毕竟尽力而为是学生的其中一个责任。。。 但话不能提前说,禁忌啊~


我的心情就像 这场延绵不断的细雨。。。低落~~~