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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ichiban Ramen

On 11/3/2011, my boyfie and I went to Ichiban Ramen at Jusco, Prai for our lunch...It's a belated celebration for our 1 year anniversary too =) We didn't think of having meals there at first but we really need a new tryout...There goes Ichiban Ramen...

 Rainy day
I love his shirt that day =P
Yours truly with new hairstyle =)
Here goes the Japanese restaurant~~

I've chosen the Sashimi Fried Bento as shown above

We have the chance to order side dishes with cheaper price when we order from the set menu 
Baby octopus...Taste not bad, just that I'm not used to eating it cold

My bento has arrived...So yummy!!
My boyfie's curry set...The curry is nice..I super like Japanese's curry, those thick gravy ones..
His dumpling which doesn't taste nice at all...I wonder if garlic is being stuffed inside...
Look at the whole table of food...*saliva drooping again
The leftover
I love this pose of him <3
I would definitely come back to this restaurant again...Highly recommended!!!
If you're a small eater, beware cause it's definitely a very full one...Moreover, we didn't even order drinks at all...I am satisfied with the big portion...I want to try out the Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant next time...

A big thanks to my baby for this treat <3~~~

After lunch, we went for "I am Number Four" which is not bad...The most important of all is I got to do shopping and I bought a blouse...
A happy outing day indeed =)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's so gud =)

I can't believe that I got the chance to stay at home for this weekend despite the distance between my home and the hostel..So, I'll eat till I bloat and play till I'm mad...Haha...

Enjoy to the MAX!!!!