Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roti Pita

I am just writing to show off to you...You know who you are...XD After dinner just now, I still don't feel full, so the boyf fetched me to buy this =)

Introducing roti pita~~~
I first ate it in Perlis when I was going to countdown with my ex-housemates at mamak stall...Haha...

Ingredients: Bread, meat (either chicken or sardine fish), slice of onions, cabbage and cucumbers. Toppings are chili sauce and mayonnaise.

Price: RM2.50
          RM3.00 with cheese

P/S: An important message to you who want to try this out..Remember to eat while it's hot else the side of the crust tend to leak and the meat will fall out...


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