Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Year Eve of 2010

I've been too busy since I reached home on Friday morning...I got too many plans yet to be done...=P
Now, I want to share my new year eve with you guys....Actually, I went back to work for Bonia as a part time worker but I was allowed to return home for 1.5 hours of reunion dinner =) That's the reason I went home at 5.30pm for a rushy dinner till 7pm...XD




Drink of the day: Champaign

I can't believe that my face was totally red as if I had some wine or beer but I did not....I meant after dinner...My face always blushes so easily and my baby likes it...haha....At night there's some events such as praying in a temple.

And also so pretty =)

I would like to wish everyone a very prosperous and meaningful Year of Tiger...RAWRRRR!!!!
P/S: Baby, Happy Valentine's Day ya <3~~~


uLi.佑莉 said...

I also have a steamboat reunion dinner too :) Happy CNY to you and family ya ;)

Mindy said...

uLi.佑莉, thx ya =) happy cny to u too...