Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 Triple ten =)

It is indeed a very special day....

I didn't even notice this date till he wished me in skype...Hehe =P

What did and what will I do on this special day?

My routine was as usual: sleep, eat, surfing the net, read a bit of textbooks, finding information for the caed projects and I failed to get any....

At first, I thought he would ask me out to town...Disappointment~~~~
So, I don't feel like eating dinner now...Same food is so boring  =.=''''

I miss all the delicious food at home and they are healthy too....I've been having fried chicken for dinner for two days...No more of it please.....

At the beginning of next month, I can go home for about 3 weeks then final exam...Before I start counting down, let's just buck up for the 3 mini projects that need to be passed up by this month =)


1 comment:

Bruce828 said...

I'm sorry I didn't make today special for u baby~ I shd hv bring baby out to eat real food =(

I will surely bring baby out to eat tasty yummy food next time k? =)

Mayb earlier than study week =P