Thursday, May 12, 2011

I was attacked by vampire

Oh man...This vampire sucked me on my arm... =P
I am sure you know what I'm saying now--Blood donation

There was a blood donation campaign at the HR office today...I totally forgotten about it so I didn't bring the red colour record book...I considered so long before I went to donate =.=''' 

Instead of writing in the red colour book for record, the nurse there gave me this card...
"O" stands for O-type and yes I belong to that group =)

This is my 2nd time to donate blood...First was during my Form 6, dragged by my bestie to accompany her...Today, I was so scared that the HR Senior Executive asked me to hold her hand tightly when I was given jabs...How nice of her~~

Well...If you ask me is it painful, I will only tell you that the 1st jab was painful like bee sting...Haha XD 
Even the extracting of the needle is not painful...This time I donated 350cc as my weight has increased =( 
Need to be on diet from today onwards....There's another painful one (in my opinion only):

The black circle indicated the little hole that shot gave me =(
The shot is to get my blood sample to test my blood type and the blood concentration...
Although it's just a 1 second shot, I hate it...That sting annoyed me...

Lie there for about 15-20 minutes then it's done...Now I'm proud to say that me as a timid girl who's scared of pain and blood has donated blood for the 2nd time =)

 Plaster to stop bleeding

A good deed has been done =) *proudly said

Note: Remember to donate on left hand if you are a right-handed and vice versa...I got real bad bruises during my 1st time 'cause I need to use my right hand as soon as I went back into class....A bad experience...


Bruce828 said...

My baby is so brave =P I'm so nervous if there are needle near me lol^^

Hug hug ya <3

Mindy said...

blood donation is gud for new blood 2 be created

Kian Fai said...

eh kena suck by vampire still can blog? =P