Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Trip with him@Part 1

Saw this ticket? I guess you saw the destination on it...You are correct...It's

My first trip with my boyfriend on 7th May 2010:

Mindy and Bruce at the jetty of Kuala Perlis


the ferry and it's just being launched on 14/2/2010 so it looks so new inside...

Bye bye, Kuala Perlis~~

The colour of the sea was like this at first...Dirty green

Then it became clear and clean green...

The eagle which tells us that we are arriving..YEAH!!!!

A big HI to Langkawi =)

The anxious us~~~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My lens are here...


 Tada~~~ After about 3 weeks of waiting, my lens are here this morning...And they are FREE!!!

3 pairs of free lens

I'll try them someday =)....I can't wait because they will make my eyes looks bigger with the black circles around the lens...I got the free voucher too of 30% off when I buy the second box of lens...Hooray~~~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A touched day =)

Guess what is this?

Haha...You guys sure scratching head now...It's my present for Teachers' Day from my student...It's my first day back to work and I got this little present...Though it's just an ordinary pen but still I'm so touched to receive it... 

Thanks Jing Le =)
Happy Teachers' Day to all the teachers out there...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was back last Sunday...Let me do some food review first before I post up more pictures in other posts about my trip...

These were our first dinner there...Yang Zhou Fried Rice on your left and Siam Fried Rice on your right...And they cost RM5 per plate, tax not yet included =.='''

Rasa Restaurant

This is my baby boy while waiting for our food... =P

Me drinking the freaking expensive teh tarik...But the taste not bad...

This costs RM 2.50 per cup....

My mamak mee...A bit salty for me but lots of sotong and it costs RM6...

 This is Bruce's curry mee...Not spicy at all and it's also RM6

Oh well, luckily this restaurant does not charge tax else another costy meal again...

P/S: I'll reveal where I went in my next post =P

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 3rd one and it's a celebration somemore =)

I know I'm a bit late in updating...I am just lack of time, full concentration in my finals but still some papers will *poof...Vanish...Meaning might be failing =(

During study week, I went to Bt. Mertajam again...My caring baby wants me to follow him home to get a better environment to study due to the extremely hot weather in Perlis...We did date to celebrate our pre 2 months anniversary at Boston in Jusco...Here it goes~~~

Me camwhoring...And baby busy driving...

See him <3~~
Oops..I've blocked him =P

Boston's Menu...The food more to Hong Kong style

Love the flowers hanging above..Nice~~

Before the food arrives...       

Ice blended Mocha...Love the cream on top =)

We are sweet =P

Szechuan Seafood Rice...Very yummy...You can ask Bruce for his comment =)

Here's my Chicken Fillet Pineapple Cheese Baked Rice..Look at the rice on the left, so gravy and thick with cheese...Woo~~~

We are both enjoying our meal...

After dinner, it's movie time..There's not much exciting movie at that period, so we decided to watch


 The movie was okay but the huge monster, Krayken just appeared for a little while then it died...So lousy..Booo~~~Then, the date ended.....

 I You

P/S: I shall be going on trip tomorrow and will be back most probably on Sunday...Yeah~~~~~

Monday, May 3, 2010

The final battle just ended with victory??!!

Oh well, at last I finished my final exams but with or without victory, we shall know in June or maybe July...But of course I do hope I strike in this semester...

Numerical Analysis and Fluid Mechanics, please I beg u two, don't fail me...I don't want to attend the same class with my juniors.......LOL.....

I've been abandoning my blog for weeks, so sorry to my dear blogger friends...I really appreciate your daily visits, especially kelynkrazyshiiteck, and my Baby Ed...Love u guys XOXO~~~

Though my exams are over, I'll not go home so early, most probably by next week then...
I got TRIP...To where, it's a secret...Bluekk =P

Guess you guys will only know when I got back from it...Wakaka XD
Hint: Malaysia(of course =P)

Stay tuned if you want to know the answer~~~