Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mai Cafe

Mai Cafe with me standing there as if I'm acting cute...No, I'm not..Please believe me...

On Thursday before class, Teck Wei invited us (me, Bruce, Wei Zhong) to join him n Chien Hui for dinner on Friday...Well, we are the brightest bulbs there...It's so weird to sit with the couples dating in front of us. I think Bruce and Wei Zhong will agree to me but still we must thank him for fetching us there... This Mai Cafe is quite a distance from our hostel so if we are without our own transport, we can't get there... 

My cheesy chicken 
(a combination of chicken thigh, some vegetables, roasted potato with cheese on top =) )

Look at the creamy cheese 

Chien Hui's mushroom soup

Some grilled fish...I forgot =P

 Bruce's cappuccino blended

 Fish and chips

Wei Zhong's iced lemon tea

Wei Zhong's grilled blackpepper chicken

What a wonderful Friday night...With some awesome dinner with lovely friends...Live life to the fullest =)

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