Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stupid Bus

Why can't my uni let the buses stop in front of the school? We need to rush up the steep hill just to grab a single seat on the bus... If we fail to get up on the bus, then we really need to wait for another bus and it need to be full of students for the bus drivers to drive us back...It's really stupid... Do they ever consider us, their students? We do pay for the transport fees, yet we need to walk a distance not just up the hill but also down the hill every!!!

 And as for me, I'm having a slight asthma...I pant a lot upon reaching the bus...How about the other students who have even more severe cases of sickness than me? I pity them...Please make more changes to the bus transport, vice chancellor...

A big thanks for Wei Zhong and also Hui Te for sharing their suppose-to-be-two-students seat with me...Else, I'll have to wait for another bus...Thanks pals =)

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