Sunday, January 24, 2010


Secret...Am I going to reveal someone's secret here?hehe...Keep guessing...I'm sure someone will have the correct answer and that person is ..Let's see the answer then =)

Haha...It's Secret Recipe....I forgot to take pictures in front of the shop so I'll just show this logo...It's been my first time to enter the shop but of course I've tasted the cakes there and they totally made me melt inside them =) I'll show you guys the temptating cakes there..hehe...

Moist Chocolate

Cappuccino Cheese

Chocolate Indulgence

Espresso Cheese

According to the waiter (very leng zai =P), it has a thick layer of cheese but I don't really remember the name..

Chocolate Fudge

And here comes our cakes...*saliva drooping

Shin's Cappuccino Cheese

This is my Raspberry Cheese and it tastes very good..

Me n Shin sharing this Chocolate Indulgence...Yummy...

Pic's friend's New York Cheese

Pic's Classic Cheese and it did taste so classic...The cheese in it is so original...

Z's Espresso Cheese

My gor said he wanted the same piece of cake as she had but I told him mine tasted better..bluekk =P
In the end, he preferred mine and chosen mine over hers...haha....So, I had to help him take away since he didn't come..Gor, I hope u really did enjoy ur piece of cheese cake =)

Here is his cake...Tada~~

I accompanied him to finish this piece of cake...I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it a lot...=P



Bruce828 said...

Haha~ I enjoy it very much^^ Thx dear sis :P

MARKAS said...

*tsk* Secret recipe cake whr got nice one..? d cheese cake i made myself is better.. or mayb, the best.. wakakaka~!!

Mindy said...

Bruce:U r welcome,gor..hehe...
Markas:The cheese cakes thr r vry vry nice...I've nvr tried urs mar...ish~~~
But i still like mummy's cheese cake the most =)